Publications (peer-reviewed)

  •  S. Cho, P. Ryan, G. Buciuni (2021), “Evolutionary Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: A Research Pathway”, Small Business Economics,
  •  S. Cho, P. Ryan, G. Buciuni (2022), “Complementary Frameworks for examining Global Innovation: Aligning GVCs Industrial Clusters and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems”, D. Castellani, V. Perri, A. Scalera., A. Zanfei (Ed.) Cross-border Innovation in a Changing World. Players, Places and Policies Oxford, Oxford University Press, forthcoming 

Conference Paper

  • Spinouts from MNEs: The evolution on Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (EE) in Dublin Docklands Area (DDA), AIB-UKI Conference,2020
  • Multinational Alumni Spinouts: Where art thou? (w/ P. Ryan&G. Buciuni) – accepted to EIBA 2021 conference, JIBS-PDW

Under review

  • Scaling in the entrepreneurial ecosystem

Work In Progress

  • Differential Roles of MNEs: A Tale of Two cities
  • Multinational investment decision and the peace process

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